For Future’s Sake: Think Outside the Box

Last year, in a survey of global CEO’s, it was said that creativity and innovative thinking would be the most critical skills of the future.

As a futurist and business forecaster, I agree. It’s a cliche to say we need “to think outside the box” but I want to share with you just two ideas from today’s news that speak to the importance and power of thinking outside the box.

The first comes from Volvo which is now putting airbags on the outside of their cars. It’s a wonderful example of seeing the world from another person’s perspective. In this case that perspective is the pedestrian victim of a car crash.

The bolder example comes from Milan where Stefano Boeri is now executing his vision to create a vertical forest.

Will it work? I don’t know … but I do know the future will require more innovative thinking along these lines.

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